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Welcome to Ragnarok Online

Hello Adventurer!

Ragnarok Online CALLING ALL HIGH RATE PLAYERS! JOIN US. Looking for 255 BALANCE Server &Good Freebies?. PK WOE & SEMI Farming Server (Long Term Economy). The server offers many automated events with unique rewards, and daily events that are hosted by our GMs group. Gepard Protection 3.0(All function working , @LGP, !vsync ,!ping )

Player Commands: @commands @ii @go @autoloot @alootid @time @go quest @go mall @whereis @whodrops @mobinfo @gstorage @storage .

Server offer many ways for players to acquire unique equipment and rewards from quests, such as Quest Shop and hunting Missions NPC. don't waste time, join and you will have maximum fun with your friends.

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